Elaborated in the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero


The wines of Bodegas Astrales in the RIbera del Duero are made from the 29 hectares of vineyard that the winery owns in the best estates of Anguix, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero. They are vineyards planted in bush, in the most traditional style of the land, and with ages over 80 years of age. These are mythical estates, such as La Cañada, El Val, or Pago Los Astrales, which gives name to our winery.


Ribera del Duero


It is made with the grapes of the Tinto Fino variety from our vineyards located in the municipality of Anguix, with an average age of 45 years and with yields limited to 3,500 kilos per hectare.

In its aging in barrel of 18 months is used mostly barrels made with French oak.

The wine is characterized by its intense nose to black, spicy, balsamic and toasted fruits, with a magnificent balance. A real pleasure of wine.

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Ribera del Duero


It is made entirely with the grapes of the Tinto Fino variety originated exclusively from a careful selection of grapes from Pago de Fuentes, aged over one hundred years and with yields limited to 3,000 kilos per hectare.

Aged for 18 months in new French extra-fine grain oak barrels.

The wine is characterized by its powerful nose to black, spicy, mineral and toasted fruits, with nuances to low forest, combined with a magnificent balance. A wine that will evolve in bottle for many years.

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Ribera del Duero


An exclusive collection wine that will only be produced in those years when the quality of the harvest is exceptional. It is made entirely from the Tinto Fino variety of grapes from goblet vineyards in our oldest plantations in the municipality of Anguix and with a yield limited to 3,000 kilos per hectare.

It is aged on its lees in barrels for 30 months, only with new extra-fine grain French oak barrels followed by at least another 12 months of refinement in the bottle.

Powerful nose of black and red fruits, spices, minerals and flowers. It has a magnificent balance, amplitude and a lot of passage in the mouth, powerful but at the same time elegant, with intense sweet and polished tannins. It will evolve very favourably in the bottle over the next few years.

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Elaborated in the Denomination of Origin Rueda


The D.O. Rueda rises between 700 and 800 metres above sea level, with flat but high lands that withstand very long and cold winters, short springs with late frosts and hot and dry summers, only altered by storms. This factor forces the vines to look for their water resources in the deepest part of the subsoil, more than in other areas of Europe.

Due to its latitude, the Rueda area is located in the Mediterranean area. However, due to its altitude, it is declared to have continental influence.


D.O. Rueda


A second wine for Astrales Blancos Singulares Collection. An exceptional Verdejo aged in tank on its fine lees. lt offers all the varietal aromatic character together with a complex and powerful mouthfeel. Allowing excellent capacity for ageing in the bottle overthe nextfive years.

Aged on the fine lees for 4 months in tankstiring weekly.

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Elaborated in the Denomination of Origin Valdeorras


Bodega Los Astrales also produces a white wine, with the native variety Godello, in the Denomination of Origin Valdeorras, in the North-Eastern part of the province of Orense, in lands located at high altitude, and in soils in which composition predominates the slates , Quartzites and schists. One of the Denominations of Origin that most interest arouses for its white wines today.


D.O. Valdeorras


A very special white wine from its conception. Godello grapes grown at high altitudes offer a different aromatic profile than the usual variety. Subtle herbaceous and floral aromas can be seen in it, but it is the intensity of its fruit that really impacts.

Even when facing a wine with 50 months of aging, the fruit remains intact, thanks to the fact that the aging is carried out strictly in bottle, without any contact with the wood.

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